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Hail Selassie. Shake dem dreads Rasta. One of the few true legends of the past 100 years. View high resolution

Hail Selassie. Shake dem dreads Rasta. One of the few true legends of the past 100 years.

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Why I love tumblr.

Because it allows me to see how many dumb, fat, and ugly chicks that I went to high school with voted for Mitt Romney. Here’s looking at you Mia Lupinacci. (And just for the record, it’d probably be harder for the government to take away a twinkie from you then your guns) GoBama

Maps & Atlases - Remote And Dark Years

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I don’t wanna worry about dying. I just wanna worry about those sunshine girls
— "Young Hearts Spark Fire" - Japandroids

Cadence Weapon - Conditioning (by upperclass)

Both Cadence and Japandroids were fucking incredible. Got to talk to Cadence for a few minutes after the show. I’m about to smoke blunts with this talented motherfucker next time he blesses Cleveland with his talents. Oh yeah, and LeBron’s a FUCKER! Hahaha

And we’re still smoking
Don’t we have anything to live for?
Well of course we do
But till they come true
We’re smoking

We all want to know what nobody knows
What the nights of wine and roses hold
For the wine and roses of our souls

So we down our drinks in a funnel of friends
And we burn our blends right down to the end
We don’t cry for those nights to arrive
We yell like hell to the heavens

"The Nights of Wine and Roses" - Japandroids

Going to see them live Friday at the Grog Shop after spending a belated Go Skate Day in Cleveland with the niggas. Fuckin awesome

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Kendrick Lamar
Hol' Up

Hol’ Up - Kendrick Lamar

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Ultimate Spinach
Some Days You Just Can't Win

Some days you just can’t win.

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